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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و برا كا ت
Welcome to my daily..
Hari minggu yg cerah kali ini. Aku mau share keseharian aku meskipun ga terlalu spesial but i just wanna share.

1.Take a walking
So ya,, my first step before i beggin my ďaily is I start my self  for walking in front of the house for morning exercise.  I am among those who are difficult for sports, but because the air this morning makes me excited so I decided to jogging arround to my house complex.
G sempet buat selfie😁 jd gambar rumput aja..
2.Jogging arround
jogging is a sport that I often do besides is simple jogging can also burn 60 calories for 1 km. and I jogged about 20 minutes 2.4km around my house complex.  My home complex is including housing that has good and wide roads, even you can run 5 kilometers only around the house complex.
and I spent around 144 calories with a distance of 2.4km.

3.Taking breath for moment
after jogging I did a little cooling for 10 minutes. Like  enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sky and clouds.
Cantik banget #daily
4. Water bottle
This is one of the things I do most often.  which is drinking water in addition to very many properties.  Water can also add fluid lost in the body.
it would be advisable if you drink 300 ml of water before you start exercising to avoid dehydration.

5.Taking bath
this is something that must be done in daily activities.  even if it's not Sunday, I take a shower to refresh myself after exercising for about 25 minutes. And i ready to going out with myfriends.
So, thanks for reading i hope enjoy it
و السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و برا كا ت

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