Sandwich Breakfest

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و برا كا ث
Hi, Welcome Back!! 
Its such a long time 😆
Since I've never updated my blog😁
because I am a teacher it is mandatory that making preparations before teaching is so important.😣
And then to welcome the arrival of my students after a long vacation.
So this was my updating Daily Diaries.
Please keep for reading till the end of time!! 😘
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Of course take a selfie before the childern coming😅

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it feels uncomfortable when a first lesson doesn't start with fun activities.
So this what i have ready for!!
Make A sandwich!?!
Beside the thematic lesson was about a Plant.
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Then i choice to make a sandwich at first lesson.
This is the ingredient for making a sandwiches =
1. bread
2. cabbage
4. egg
5. lettuce
6. sausage
7. mayonese
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 how to make:
- first wash all vegetables
- cut all carrot and cabbage into small pieces🍴
- burn all the bread
- fry the sausage and we will make the vegetable mixture
- mix all vegetables with the beaten egg
- then fry the vegetables that have been mixed with the eggs fry the shape according your taste.😋
Lets movee !!
how to compose a sandwich:😕
√ arrange bread, lettuce, egg mixed with vegetables, then mayonese, sausage and top with other bread.

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this is the result of children's creationsBut  they only use one bread without extra bread just like roll bread😆😆
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So this the end of my daily diaries
But any way im proud about them. They made their roll bread by them self.
I just gave him an example about the bread 🍞
My Big huge and love to my prince and princess 👸
So special thanks to my readers
See you in my next daily😻
والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بر كا ت

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