Pelatihan Peningkatan kompetensi guru 2018 PAUD Green Sa /Indonesia teacher training😀

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Assalamulaikum wr.wb
Hi welcome back....
I would like to tell you about my daily life right now.
And now i had a training to be a character teacher at green SA in surabaya

My great team
(personal document) 

I was so happy 😍 to be here because i meet with a lot of people that have many obbsession about education.
And for the first class is all about :
1. Telling story😚
And i had a big motivation about how to telling a story with a scintific mode.
As like standar eduction on indonesia. (K13)
And this my quote note:
- use your audiotory to telling about story
- use your most expression to tell that
- use your soul and your mind to have your body into the story.
Personal document

Personal document
He was my lovely mentor. He was really fun to bring the audience up😘
He really teach us how to be great telling with our story.
Personal document

He the author of this book the publisher about
 That book...  So yah that was a great class. 
 Second class is 
2. Be a great teacher
Is not about how.  But is how about you. And this not about how your imgination about your idol. But how your to be a idol in a childern mind. 😄
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So this was my quote about:
- Suspend
Dont suspend that activity that you have to do. Because time is like a sword. That can kill you😕
- Complain
Dont complain anything that you have right now. Because word is like a inovication,  prayer and benediction
- Blame the situation 
Because if you blame about situation is like you hate what god do for you. Because God is have another scenario for you... 
So i have  alot about this petition hehehe😚
Personal document

Sorry for spaming this article right now. 
Just skip it if u hate it😜...
Thanks for reading my absurd article
I hope you get a lot of guidance for this day😘😘
Wassalamulaikum wr. Wb

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